What you should think about.

This is why there needs to be a separation.
This is taken from a Real Estate Association Website.

Your Real Estate Professional should have a network of professionals in place to assist you with other items you will need, including mortgages, HOME INSPECTION, carpet cleaning and carpenter. While you are not obligated to choose any of these people, it is likely your Real Estate Professional has established a relationship with these people that is reflected in the referral.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do you want your Home Inspector to be independent of the Real Estate Agent?…..Did you know that you have a choice?
It is easy to see that the biggest purchase you make deserves the best Professional in the field and that individual should have the background to be able to back up what he or she says.
If a Real Estate Agent says they have there own home inspectors, carpenters, carpet cleaners and contractors…Stay clear away from them.
If a Home Inspector also says they have a Real Estate Agent they can recommend, this is wrong too. There should be no interest in the Home Inspector to appease the Real Estate Agent in swaying the decision of how a HI will do the report.
When you look for a Real Estate Agent, don’t go on the numbers but go on the the testimonials they have. The purchase of a home is complicated and the selection of a Real Estate Agent should be based on the same thing in finding a Professional Home Inspector.
Just because you see friendships on Facebook does not mean that this is a clue what Real Estate Agent you should go with. It is up to you to look how they try to sell you a home, how do they relate to people on media, how hard they will work for you and is there any connection with the seller to make that sale final.
Please ask specific questions when selecting any Professional in any field when purchasing or selling a home.