Education Log

My other Education can be discussed at the Inspection booking. I can provide more than enough to show the skills I have achieved over the years I have been Inspecting.

Basic Education Transcript hours.
How to Perform Roof Inspections 4
Introduction to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice 3
25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know 5
Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior 14
How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys 4
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion 8
How to Inspect the Exterior 16
How to Perform Deck Inspections 3
How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections 4
Inspecting HVAC Systems 12
Residential Plumbing Overview 8
Safe Practices for the Home Inspector 4
Structural Issues for Home Inspectors 4
Advanced Electrical Inspection Training Video 4
Advanced HVAC Training for Inspectors 21
Advanced Inspection of Crawlspaces 3
Advanced Mold Inspection Training 12
Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging 5
Certified Renovator Inspector Course 1
Comfort and Climate for Inspectors 1
Commercial Inspection Prerequisite course 8
Customer Service and Communication 4
Defect Recognition and Report Writing 8
Energy Movement for Inspectors 2
Exterior Safety for Inspectors and Contractors 2
Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior 4
Green Building 8
Home Inspection Business Course 6
How to Inspect Decks (online video course) 1
How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes 12
How to Inspect Pools and Spas 8
How to Inspect Septic Systems 10
How to Inspect Water Heater Tanks 4
How to Perform Energy Audits 24
How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections 16
Indoor Air Quality for Inspectors 1
Infrared Thermography Inspection Training 5
Inspecting Commercial Electrical Systems 6
Inspecting Foundation Walls and Piers 3
Inspecting HVAC Energy Efficiency 8
Inspecting Portable Fire Extinguishers 1
Inspecting the Means of Egress 4
Ladder Safety 1
Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting
(RRP) 6
Lead-Safe Work Practices 2
Log Home Inspection 8
Mold Inspection 12
Performing a Home Energy Audit 2
Radon Measurement Service Provider 16
Roof: Ten Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection 2
The House As a System 2
Wind & Hail Inspection and Roof Replacement 2
Wood-Destroying Organism Inspection 12
Transcript based on data from 2/20/2006 – 10/8/2014
CE = Credit Hours
= Course Completed

Determining System Ventilation [delete]

Fans and Air Handling Systems [delete]

Managing Power in a Data Center [delete]
What You Don’t Know About Arc Flash [delete]

Thermal Expansion Valve training [delete]

Moisture Control is Mold Control [delete]

Commercial Roofing Simplified [delete]

Right Sizing-Chilled Beams [delete]

Air to Water Heat Pumps Cost-Effective Alternative [delete]

USP 797 added training [delete]

Misconception of using PID’s [delete]

EPA Boiler Rules [delete]

Fluid Applied Air Barrier [delete]

Design Review of Roofing Codes [delete]

Solar and Metal The perfect Combination [delete]

Smart Pumping the New Normal [delete]

Housing and Health People with Asthma [delete]

Using sensors to detect gas [delete]

IAQ Screening for Mold and Bacteria [delete]

Pre-Engineered Steel Stair Systems [delete]

Exploring Co2 for refrigeration [delete]
Cutting Through Code Confusion [delete]

Continuous Insulation Systems for Exterior Walls [delete]

Intro to Home Performance for Heating Contractors [delete]

Metal Roofs and Walls from Aluminum to Z inc [delete]

How Sustainable Hospital are Achieving Savings [delete]

Integrated Pest Management In Schools [delete]

Guide Lines for Home Energy Professionals [delete]

Retrofit Roof Systems [delete]

Open Geo Thermo loop Systems [delete]

R22 Transition Update [delete]

Post Frame Advantage [delete]

Using Gas Monitors to Improve Safety [delete]

Proper Design of Low Slope Roofs [delete]

Reem Tankless Water Heater [delete]

Hybrid Heat Pump Systems [delete]

Avoiding Pitfalls when Applying Chilled Beams [delete]

Underlayments Understood [delete]

Toxic Chemicals in Buildings [delete]

High Efficiency Hydronic Circulators [delete]

Structural Design of Post Beam Buildings [delete]

Taking the Mystery out Hydronic Systems. [delete]

Small Pond, Big Performance [delete]

Combining Solar with Roofing [delete]

Solar Roofing best Practice- Commercial [delete]

USB 797 Sampling Protocal [delete]

Leed Possibilities with Therma -Fusers. [delete]

Should NFPA 2112 be Important to you? [delete]

Reducing Radon in Schools [delete]

Science and Ambiguity of Asbestos Testing [delete]

EPDM- Defining the standard [delete]

Today’s Paradigm for Heat Recovery [delete]

Green Advantage Environmental [delete]

Top 5 Sustainability Trends in Low Slope [delete]

IAQ Tools for School Guidance to create Sustainability [delete]

Admixtures in Concrete [delete]

Sustainable Concrete Technology for Commercial Structures [delete]

Should You Be Converting from R 22 [delete]

Fungal Data Interpretation [delete]

When to call in an Engineer [delete]

Choosing and Using the Best Gas Detection [delete]

Low-Slope Roof Wind Design [delete]

Safety Soup for Success [delete]

Water Proofing Codes [delete]

Today’s Paradigm of Heat [delete]

Today’s Paradigm of Heat Recovery Intro [delete]

Mold: Bacteria, Including Legionella & MRSA, Allergens, & [delete]

Work Related Asthma Breath Easier [delete]

The Four barriers of Building Envelope [delete]

DOE Commercial Building Asset Rating Program [delete]

Design Assist Project: Don’t forget the walls and ceilings [delete]

EPA New boiler rules [delete]

Reducing Radon in Canadian Homes [delete]

Geothermal Sales Proposal [delete]

Design Assist Projects: Don’t forget the wall and ceilings [delete]

Contract Performance and Management Workshop. [delete]

Introduction to Bacteriology [delete]
Understanding Compressor Electronics [delete]

Green Now Green Forever- Building With Recycled Materials [delete]

Fluid Applied Air, Vapor and Water Resistant Barrier [delete]

Design Strategies for Masonry Walls [delete]

Retrofitting With Metal Roof and Wall Systems [delete]

Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101 [delete]

Data Collection for Affordable Housing [delete]

Fuel cells and Tele com [delete]

Choosing Insulation Guidance [delete]

Keys for Green Affordable Housing [delete]

Affordable Green Multi Family Retrofits [delete]

4 Barriers for 4 Wetting Potentials [delete]

Mineral Wool Core Panels; Innovative fire Resistance [delete]

Green Building: Design Process [delete]

Increase Your Geothermal Sales [delete]

Optimizing Energy Recovery With Heat Pipes [delete]

An overview of Glass-free Polyester Insulation [delete]

Gas Hearth Appliances: Enhancing Living Env. [delete]

Commercial Rooftop Solar Installations [delete]

Metal Roof Systems: Design @ Installation 2 [delete]

NFPA 13D Installation of fire sprinklers in 1 & 2 family homes -2 [delete]

Understanding Light Density and Medium Density SPF [delete]

Advances in Design Technology for Firetubes [delete]

Insulated Metal Panels: High Performance Green Buildings [delete]

Understanding and Measuring Air Flow in Data centers [delete]

What Every Refrigeration Technician Should Know [delete]

Cement Board-From Showers to Exterior Sheathing [delete]

Marketing Secrets HI40802-01 [delete]

Commercial GeoExchange System Design 2011 [delete]

How School Districts can Build Green Schools [delete]

Arc Flash and Other Hazards [delete]

Fall Protection and harness Safety [delete]

Decorative Harwood Plywood & IAQ [delete]

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Belt Drives [delete]

Roof Coatings [delete]

Building a Leed K-12 School [delete]

Cover Boards as a Platform for Alternative Energy [delete]

Roofing durability of Cover Boards [delete]

Cool Roof Technology [delete]

RTU+ERV= Efficient Outside Air Solution [delete]

Optimizing 100% Outside Air [delete]

Green Roofs: What, When, Where, Why [delete]

Micro Groove Technology [delete]

Life Cycle Assessment Long Term Service [delete]

Sustainable Schools- Design, Construction [delete]

Specifying Successful Photo Phaltaic Power [delete]

Successfully Selling Geothermal [delete]

Designing Water Proofing Systems [delete]

PV Technology: Solar Roofing Systems [delete]

Small Duct High Velocity [delete]

Energy Efficiency and HVAC [delete]

Radiant Air Conditioning Systems [delete]

Maximizing Cooling Tower Efficiency [delete]

How to Specify Underlayments [delete]

Design Performance Advantages of Composite Shakes [delete]

Roofing and Water Proofing Codes [delete]

Continuous Insulation: Plaster & Energy Code [delete]

What’s Next HVAC, Uncle Sam [delete]

Spray Applied Glass Fiber Insulation [delete]

Understanding LEED for ARCHITECTS [delete]

Saving Energy and Reducing Installation Cost [delete]
Contractor 4 Steps To More Profit [delete]

High Performance Interiors [delete]

Sustainability in Masonry Construction [delete]

Green Infrastructure [delete]

Green Building: Materials and Product [delete]

Green Building: Indoor Environmental [delete]

Green Building: Building Energy Use [delete]

Green Building: Building Energy Use [delete]

Green Building: Building Energy Use [delete]

Acoustics for Commercial Roofing [delete]

Unit Attached Roof Top Screen [delete]

The McWane Makeover: Safety Program [delete]

Its The Fires Stupid… Combustible Dust [delete]

An Overview of Confine Spaces [delete]

Proper Selection of DOAS [delete]

Achieving Environmental Excellence [delete]

New Standard in Steam Generation [delete]

Backfill Placement & Procedure [delete]

Shading and High Performance [delete]

Preventing Call Backs with Enhanced OSB subflooring [delete]

Why Good Indoor Air Quality Matters [delete]

Micro Channel Heat Exchangers [delete]

Green Building With Steel Floor Joist [delete]

Indoor Air Quality and Healing Environment [delete]

Making the Grade: Healthy Schools [delete]

Cool Roofing [delete]

Asphalt Technologies For Sustainable Streets [delete]

Cost Effective Energy Savings Drain Water Heat Recovery [delete]

Power Line Harmonics- Their Cause and Control [delete]

Single Ply Roofing [delete]

Advance Building Envelope Solutions [delete]

Power Plant Training: Using Plants to Perform Building Functions [delete]

High Performance Vinyl Roofing [delete]

DOAS in Office Environment [delete]

Fire Rated Cementitious Coated OSB [delete]

Roofing System Selection [delete]

Carson Dunlop Teacher [delete]

Variable Speed Control: Available Technology [delete]

Design Energy Efficient Steel Stud [delete]

Mid Efficient Home to Green Zero Energy [delete]

Greenfield Data Center Part 3 [delete]

Facade Stabilization Solutions [delete]

What You Need To Know About Data Center? [delete]

Emerging Trends In Cooling Systems [delete]

Calculations in Roof Design [delete]

DOAS and Chilled Beams [delete]

Water Proofing design Below-Grade [delete]

Re-Thinking Combination Space & DHW [delete]

Engineered Stone Systems [delete]
Commercial Geothermal: Systems Equipment and Controls [delete]

Forward Looking Data Centers [delete]

Stainless Steel Hardware: Design, Function and Application [delete]

Design For Metal Panels [delete]

Natural Durable Wood Products [delete]

IAQ for High Performance Buildings [delete]

Foundation Design for Water Proofing [delete]

Hydronic Systems a Brave New World [delete]

Speaking the Language of CFOs [delete]

Beyond Cool & Sustainable High Performance Roofing [delete]

Sustainability and Green Roofing [delete]

Air Cooling and High Heat Environment [delete]

Permeable Pavement [delete]

Insulated Metal Walls and Roof Panels [delete]

Optimized Controls for High Performance Buildings [delete]

Critical Power Distribution [delete]

Importance of Humidity Control [delete]

Importance of Humidity Control in a chilled Beam [delete]

Efficient Hydronic Heating [delete]

Designing with stainless steel [delete]

Solar Roofing Systems [delete]

Screw jack pedestal systems [delete]

B2B Health Care Facilities [delete]

Building Controls [delete]

Efficient Hydronic Heating with a Return [delete]

Tackling Energy Challenges [delete]

Applying Chilled Beams- What Why and How [delete]

Elevator technology [delete]

Green house gases and climate change [delete]

Window installation [delete]

Proper Drainage [delete]

Design a chilled beam system [delete]

Sustainable interior design [delete]

Choosing a sustainable floor [delete]

Radiant barrier structural roof sheathing [delete]

Raise your PDI Q [delete]

Ashrae conference Clean Lean and Green IAQ [delete]

Clean lean and Green [delete]

Sustainable Agricultural Fiber Panel [delete]

Thermal Performance [delete]

Solar Shades [delete]

Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems [delete]

HVAC Testing and Balancing [delete]

HVAC Testing and Balancing: Deliver The Green Design [delete]

Integrally Colored Concrete [delete]

Air Movement for Energy [delete]

Water Efficient plumbing [delete]

Rain water harvesting [delete]

Solar Heating metal walls [delete]

Designing sustainable kitchens [delete]

Healthy IAQ by design [delete]

Building blocks for healthy indoor air [delete]

Concrete tech for run-off [delete]

Underground storm water [delete]

Perimeter fire containment [delete]

Cellular PVC trim materials [delete]

Improving Visibility using lighting [delete]

Green Schools- Right for our Kids [delete]

Fire retardants [delete]

Seismic design for wood frame construction [delete]

Patient room design [delete]

High performance sheathing [delete]

Designing shear walls [delete]

Introduction to residential light control [delete]

Sustainable design for home part 1 and 2 [delete]

Resilient flooring [delete]

Lighting Design [delete]

Green Solutions for parking [delete]
Back 2 Basics Vol 5 Story Dormitory [delete]

Under floor air distribution [delete]

PVC Single Plies as Sustainable Roofing [delete]

Improving the Cooling of Data Center [delete]

Choosing an appropriate fireplace [delete]

Insulated concrete forms [delete]

Polymer modified concrete [delete]

Engineered wood products [delete]

Light controls for Health care [delete]

High Performance Building Envelopes [delete]

Roofing Design/ Material Selection [delete]

Interoperability of Diverse Security Systems [delete]

Back 2 Basics Vol. 4 Gymnasium [delete]

Cast in stone [delete]

A guide to designing vinyl siding [delete]

Hydronics and propane [delete]

Polycarbonate Sheets [delete]

Water Proofing Design Material [delete]

Community Propane [delete]

Green Building with propane [delete]

Back 2 basics 1 Story Office building [delete]

Daylighting 201 [delete]

Indoor Air Quality Certification [delete]

Selecting a resin base coating [delete]

Everything you need to know about data cooling [delete]

Humidity control in schools [delete]

Residential kitchen ventilation [delete]

Tubular daylighting devices [delete]

Modular building and concurrent construction [delete]

Faucets and fittings [delete]

Green water heating with propane [delete]

Room Scale Intelligent Cooling [delete]

Log Home Inspection course [delete]

Commercial Building Inspection Training [delete]

Overview of fire walls [delete]

Dollars and sense of green schools [delete]

Building Green Exteriors [delete]

Acoustical basics [delete]

Walkable roof decks [delete]

Wine cellar designs [delete]

CMI online 39420 [delete]

Leed for homes 101 [delete]

Float glass manufacture [delete]

designing public washrooms [delete]

Profiles of stone roofing [delete]

Smoke protection [delete]

Creating health living environments [delete]

Designing retractable screens [delete]

Innovative screens [delete]

The features of Structural insulated panels [delete]

Principles of rain screens [delete]

Green roofs [delete]

Architectural fire rated glazing [delete]

Anchor systems for concrete [delete]

Polyurethane coating [delete]

Life saving design [delete]

Protecting below grade building [delete]

Flooring safety codes [delete]

High quality furniture [delete]
Use of coatings to prevent mold and mildew [delete]

Specifying levels of Gypsum [delete]

Specifying natural stone [delete]

Window selection [delete]

Centralized mail boxes [delete]

US Gov initiatives to accelerate energy efficiency within data centers [delete]

Certified sustainable products [delete]

Sound attenuation [delete]

Design consideration for heavy duty car lifts [delete]

Basic understanding of standing seem metal roofs [delete]

Custom showering [delete]

Designing with perforated metal [delete]

Low VOC paints as a component of sustainable [delete]

Snow and ice melting systems [delete]

Energy savings through indoor air movement [delete]

Is it really green [delete]

Bar and plank grating [delete]

Creating multi generation destination parks [delete]

Smart Design For Healthy Indoor Air [delete]

Residential Kitchen Ventilation [delete]

Selecting a Resin Base Coating [delete]

High Performance Heated Glass [delete]

Tubular Daylighting Devices [delete]

Modular buildings and concurrent construction [delete]

Propane and underground tanks [delete]

Decorative metal railing [delete]

Trench drain systems [delete]

Moisture Protection in Masonry [delete]

Polyurethane adhesives for roofing [delete]

Modular signage systems [delete]

Sourcing stone from Italy [delete]

Leed and Fenestration [delete]

Polycarbonate sheeting [delete]

Green painting for Leed rating [delete]

Toilet flushing technologies [delete]

Integrating water delivery [delete]

Accessibility and detectable warning systems [delete]

Science of specifying mold control [delete]

Cable railings assemblies [delete]

Use of Illusion in architecture [delete]

Design for water features [delete]

A green alternative for surface finishes [delete]

Green alternative for surface finishing: powder coatings [delete]

Fire retardant coatings [delete]

Wood composite exterior decking [delete]

Access ladders and stairways [delete]

Moisture management in residential walls [delete]

Fire rated glass and glazing [delete]

Roof insulation for sustainable buildings [delete]

Durability of commercial roofing [delete]

Innovative water conservation fixture systems [delete]

Enhancing sustainable design with retractable screens [delete]

Controlling moisture movement [delete]

Exotic hardwood flooring [delete]

Designing steel mesh fence [delete]

Firestop: a life safety issue [delete]

Fire stop a life saving issue [delete]

Cork oak flooring [delete]

Introduction to coatings [delete]

Built In kitchen Trends: The Design Landscape [delete]

Underfloor service distribution: Office Buildings [delete]

Crystalline Waterproofing Technology: Improving concrete durability [delete]

Plumbing products: A contribution to water conservation [delete]

Protection from outside noise [delete]

Mold University [delete]


Professional design training series [delete]

Using water resistant paperless gypsum board [delete]

Dollars and scents of Green schools [delete]

Storage solutions-economical use of space [delete]

Speech privacy in healthcare [delete]

Speech privacy in healthcare [delete]

AEC Daily [delete]

2 hour fire rated walls [delete]

Leed for construction and interiors [delete]

Integrated HVAC design [delete]

Leed for construction [delete]

New dimensions in asphalt shingles [delete]

Cool roofing: a solution to national energy challenges [delete]

Fiber cement siding: traditional Aesthetics [delete]

Building material basics: vinyl 101 [delete]

Inspection of oil burning equipment [delete]

Installation of oil burning equipment [delete]

Installation of oil burning equipment [delete]

Installation and inspection of oil burning equipment [delete]

Acoustical solutions: designing with cementitious wood fiber [delete]

Innovation in building envelope performance [delete]

Innovation in building envelope performance [delete]

Anchors and footings [delete]

Design floor systems with engineered wood joists [delete]

Design engineering and exterior light gauge steel framing [delete]

Low slope roofing insulation[delete]

HVAC ductwork issues answers and practical considerations [delete]
Using fiber reinforced polymers FRP [delete]

The delivery of filtered water through the home [delete]

Specifying solid surfacing materials [delete]

Reduction of radon levels in schools and other large buildings [delete]

Visual assessment course for lead paint [delete]

Home Elevators [delete]

Masonry restoration: common problems [delete]

Excellence in single Wythe concrete [delete]

Specialized steel doors [delete]
How to maintain good indoor air quality [delete]

Underground stormwater management [delete]

Anchor and footing forms for construction tubes [delete]

IBC Seismic code and ceiling installation requirements [delete]

5 Levels of gypsum wall board [delete]

Prefinished steel doors [delete]

Designing interfaces for glass [delete]

Structural glazing systems [delete]

Understanding special purpose doors and windows [delete]
Propane training pump attendant [delete]

Propane training pump attendant [delete]

Note of repeat course log 3 hours [delete]

Construction documents education program 04 [delete]

Creating custom curves: adding interest to architectural designs [delete]

The restoration of Loyde Wrights falling water [delete]

The heart of the home: gas fire places [delete]

Design specifications of ACM/MCM in today’s architecture [delete]

Architectural application of ceramic tile [delete]

Subsurface drainage systems [delete]

Acoustical ceiling restoration [delete]

Construction documents education [delete]

Specifying the right commercial hardwood flooring [delete]

Specifying the right commercial hardwood flooring [delete]

Construction documents education program 08 [delete]

Flooring over concrete slabs: avoiding failure through moisture [delete]

Introduction to ICFs: insulating concrete forms [delete]

Vinyl siding for exterior designs [delete]

Vinyl siding for exterior designs [delete]

Use of snow retention devices [delete]

Air movement for energy-efficient summer comfort [delete]

Fundamentals of duct smoke detection [delete]

Sound control and acoustics for architects [delete]

Firestopping practices [delete]

The science of specifying moisture and mold control in frame walls [delete]

Leed certification and sustainable steel building systems [delete]

Water proofing cementitious wall surfaces [delete]

Understanding engineering foundation flood vents [delete]

Commercial upward acting sectional doors [delete]

Life cycle cost of metal roofing products [delete]

Improving energy efficiency with soft foam insulation [delete]

The ABC of trench draining [delete]

The evolution of footings [delete]

The use of self adhering systems in low slope roofing [delete]

The exterior wall: a system approach [delete]

Principles of attic ventilation [delete]

Design of large exterior openings [delete]

Designing sustainable roofing insulation systems [delete]

Solar heating metal wall systems [delete]

Assuring water resistance of masonry construction [delete]

Why build with steel using light gauge [delete]

Weather the storm with wind driven rain louvers [delete]

Rain screen assemblies and composite cladding [delete]

Rain screen assemblies and composite cladding [delete]

Low slope roof systems [delete]

Antimicrobial material a way to inhibit mold and mildew [delete]

Windows an inside view [delete]

HVAC ductwork issues [delete]

Water management of building envelope [delete]

System design 3 part [delete]

Green Plumbing design [delete]

Radiant floor heating [delete]

Energy leakage to improve building performance [delete]

Control of condensation, mold and energy leakage to improve building [delete]

Good Indoor Air Quality # GGRDOA [delete]

Combustion tests for oil burning [delete]

Clean Air Clinic [delete]

Solar Energy [delete]

Electrical Inspection [delete]

Mold inspection course [delete]

Install and Residential design [delete]


Self Home construction course [delete]
For Furnaces and boilers [delete]

Building heating systems [delete]
IAQ investigation [delete]

ODS certification [delete]
Code compliance [delete]

Wett installer [delete]

IAQ Investigation [delete]
Project Environment session 1 and 2 [delete]